Case Study

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General Manager Operations

Position reports to the CEO and was tasked with leading site operations to maximise mine performance in the safest manner. ICG was engaged on a retained basis to deliver an executive search process. This involved market mapping of the Australian mining industry to identify possible UG GM Operations who were currently or who had recently worked on a relevant underground metals operation. The final selected candidate held 10+ years of experience as a General Manager in Australia and was headhunted from a well-known underground metals operation in Queensland, Australia.

Underground Mine Manager

The position reports to the General Manager Operations and is tasked with managing technical governance and mining contractor operations, to ensure optimal extraction of ore in compliance with Mines Regulations, Australian Standards and company policies and procedures. ICG located the successful candidate from an operating mine in WA. The successful candidate held over 30 years of career experience in technical, operations and general manager positions around Australia.

Processing Manager

The role reports to the General Manager of Operations and involves overseeing processing plant operations, ensuring safe production, and facilitating effective communication between the metallurgy and maintenance teams to optimise plant performance. The successful candidate was sourced by ICG from a Queensland-based operating mine. The candidate held 12 years of progressive experience across reputable Australian gold and base metals operations.

Commercial Manager

The position reports to the General Manager Operations (dotted line to CFO) and is tasked with supporting, optimising and coordinating site commercial activities in a safe and cost-effective manner. ICG located the candidate from an operating coal mining business in Mongolia. The candidate was originally from Sydney and had been seeking an opportunity to return back to an Australian role. He held roughly 20+ year’s experience in mining commercial activities on Australian and international projects.