Mineral exploration is essential for identifying and defining new mining operations, ensuring a sustainable supply of vital commodities to global economies. It drives economic growth by creating jobs, attracting investment, and supporting local communities. Exploration also plays a crucial role in diversifying commodity supply chains, reducing reliance on limited sources and enhancing global trade.

The mine geology department is crucial for an operation as it provides essential geological information that guides ongoing brownfield exploration, mine planning, and ore extraction. By understanding the geological characteristics of an ore body, geologists enable mining operations to make informed decisions, maximise ore recovery, and sustainably extract valuable minerals essential for various industries and economic development.

The Vice President of Exploration oversees the company's exploration activities, developing strategies to identify and evaluate mineral deposits. They manage exploration budgets, supervise exploration teams, and interpret geological data to make informed decisions. Ultimately, their role is to drive the discovery of new mineral resources to support the company's growth and sustainability.

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